Common Student Questions

Our Top 10 Student FAQs

How can I prepare for online or virtual learning?

We've created a separate webpage just about this topic.  Please visit How can I prepare for online or virtual learning page. 

How do I contact the instructor - or classmates?

You can contact your instructor or classmates through the D2L Brightspace classlist. Visit the How can I contact my instructor and classmates page for tips in how to use this tool more information. 

How do I access and navigate my classes?

MyPima homepage > Access D2L > Login >  "My Courses" >  Content tab.   

 To learn more, visit our Accessing My Class page.

How do I post and respond to discussion in D2L Brightspace?

Discussions are a way for the class to communicate with each other since you may not meet in a live session to discuss topics and share your insights and opinions. To learn more you can watch this short video tutorial - How to Post & Respond to Discussions or visit our How to post and respond to discussions page.

How do I get "tech-ready" and learn to use new software and technology?

There are many resources available to get tech-ready and learn to use it all for virtual learning to learn more, visit our How to get Tech-ready and Learn to use new Software page.

How do I upload an assignment in D2L Brightspace?

To learn more, visit our Upload Assignments page. 

How do I take a quiz or exam in D2L Brightspace?

To learn more you can watch this short video tutorial - How to Take a Quiz or visit our How to take a quiz  page. 

How do I view instructor feedback and grades?

To learn more, visit our Instructor feedback and grades page

What should I know about Netiquette?

Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet. PimaOnline requires students to practice certain netiquette procedures which you can learn more about on our Netiquette page. 

How do I locate PCC Virtual Support Services?

PCC Student Support Services are available virtually and online. To learn more, visit our the Homepage and scroll down to the bottom resource area.

More Student FAQs

Can I view Announcements through an RSS Feed?

You can subscribe to an Announcements RSS feed and receive daily updates of all Announcements items in an RSS reader. This allows you to access an aggregate of Announcements items without logging into D2L.

Where can I find my instructors email? 

Some good places to look are: