Email within D2L

How Do I Send Emails in D2L Brightspace?

To email your instructor or peers in your class(es), visit the D2L Classlist. The Classlist also gives you the ability to see who is enrolled in your class and who is currently online. You can find the Classlist in the Course Resources tab.

Can I View my Pima Gmail from inside D2L?

Yes! Read the steps below to link D2L to your Pima Gmail. Linking is entirely optional. If you chose to link, you will be able to view your Gmail from within D2L. Also, emails you send from within D2L Brightspace will be sent from your PCC assigned Gmail account.

Link your D2L and PCC Gmail accounts

To link your PCC Gmail within D2L Brightspace you must authorize the “Access Google Workspace” widget in D2L Brightspace. When you authorize the account, it will connect to your PCC Gmail account assigned by the College. It will show the number of unread messages and link to your Inbox.

  1. Log in to D2L Brightspace

  2. Locate the Access Google Workspace widget

  3. Click "Link to your Google Workspace account"

  4. Enter your username

  5. Click "Link Account"

  6. Select "Authorize"


Access Email using the Access Google Workspace Widget in D2L Brightspace

After you have completed the steps above, you can access your Gmail from the Access Google Workspace widget. Click Unread Mail.

Using Email within D2L

Email Other Students using the Classlist Tool

  1. On the course home page, click Classlist which is found on the dropdown menu for Course Resources.

  2. Do one of the following:

    1. Click Send Email from the context menu of the learner you want to contact.

    2. Select the checkboxes for every learner you want to email, then click Email.

  3. Compose your message and add any attachments.

  4. Click Send or Save as Draft to send at a later date.

Here's a video showing the email tools.

D2L Brightspace Email_Captions.mp4

Email Other Students from the Assignments Tool

  1. On the course home page, select Assignments which is found on the dropdown menu for Assessments on the navbar.

  2. Choose an Assignment from the Assignment Submission Folder list.

  3. In the Submissions folder of that Assignment, scroll down to the student list and mark the checkbox next to the student or students to whom you would like to send an email.

  4. Select the Email icon at the top of the student list.

  5. After the Compose New Message popup box appears, you can write your email message and add any attachments, then select Send.

Sending Email_Assignments Tool.mp4

Is D2L Brightspace integrated with Pima's Gmail?

Yes. Read below for background on this transition.

As of May 29, 2018, Pima Community College integrated D2L Brightspace email with Pima Community College Gmail. Instead of two separate email systems there is only one full email system from which students, faculty, and staff can email outside of D2L Brightspace. This full email system provides users with an email account that they can use to send and receive emails to both internal and external contacts. The system automatically populates their address books with contacts from the courses they are enrolled in. Users might be allowed to add contacts of their own to the address book.