Getting Started With Brightspace


You can use Brightspace to view course material, reading lists, goals, quizzes and assignments presented by your instructor. You can complete assignments and quizzes, and then submit them to your instructor for evaluation. After your instructor has evaluated your assignments and quizzes, you can view your grades. You can also monitor your own progress in a course. To communicate with your instructor or other students, you can use an Email tool, or post messages in online discussions.

Review the following resources for helpful information when getting acquainted with Brightspace and your courses.

 Access My Classes in D2L

If you have never entered the D2L Brightspace platform, you can follow the screenshots below to help you login to the system.  You can access D2L from several different areas within MyPima or by going directly to the D2L website.  You can also watch this in-depth video that provides a general overview of D2L - How to Navigate Your D2L Class.

Access from MyPima Homepage (locate the areas circled in red)

My Pima Homepage

Access from D2L website (login to and use your MyPima username and password)

Once you are logged into D2L, you can find your classes from the “My Courses” section or from the waffle icon near the top of the page.  The first place you should click to inside your class is the Content Tab where you can find all of the class modules, syllabus, etc.

D2L Brightspace Student Resources & Tutorials

PCC created our own web page designed to help students navigate D2L.  

Go to to find more information about the different sections of your D2L course.  Or check out these videos.

D2L Brightspace Video Tutorials