Video Notes

Create and Post Video Notes

Learn how to record a webcam or audio snippet.  

Note: while this tool does enable you to post videos within the D2L Discussions tool, it does not currently enable you to share your screen (unlike other tools like Loom or Screencast-o-matic). 

Overview: Video Note allows you to insert video recordings through HTML Editor's Insert Stuff option, and anywhere video attachments are supported (Content, Discussions, Grading, and providing feedback to learners).

How do I create and insert a video note?

You can use Video Note in a number of places throughout D2L, including: Content and Discussions.

Note: If you do not see the Add Video Note option, you do not have the required permission.

To upload a Video Note or to select an existing Video Note file:

If you select Upload File, do the following:

If you select Choose Existing, do the following:

If you need assistance with creating a Video Note, please email Our Academic Learning Technologies team can assist you.