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Have a question about D2L Brightspace?

In D2L, connect to D2L's front-line experts by clicking "help" in the nav-bar and selecting "D2L 24/7 Student and Faculty Support." Chat with live support, submit a Support Request, call their toll-free number (1-877-325-7778) or search the common student FAQs in English, Spanish or French.

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Prefer Learning through YouTube?

Visit this learner playlist for short (2-5 min) video tutorials created by D2L Brightspace on topics including Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades and more!

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Prefer text-and-image tutorials instead of videos?

Visit the student knowledge base for D2L Brightspace to learn about a broad range of D2L tools and topics including Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades and more!

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Prefer Learning From Your Peers?

Review the answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Pima Students.

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To begin, review these options for addressing general technology issues at our Troubleshooting page.

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Trouble logging in? Hardware or software problems that are not related to D2L?

Contact Us/Get Help Pima webpage


  • Panopto is a video-capturing and video-storage tool that may be used in some of your courses.

  • Perusall is an interactive tool that allows you to add comments to readings in the course. This is a way to collaborate and engage with your classmates.

  • H5P are interactive activities within the content of the course. Examples include drag-and-drop, flip cards, and fill-in-the-blank that are there to test your knowledge.

  • Playposit is a video you can watch in a course that stops along the way to ask you questions or review additional information. Many instructors will use this activity for a grade and assign points.

Access the webpage to get live help via chat, appointment, or email, or browse the video and text tutorials provided.


  • Free Microsoft 365. Students can create a free Microsoft 365 account by registering with their Pima email address. The service provides access to online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft products without needing to purchase the desktop versions of the software.

  • Google Suite. Google Drive is commonly used by Pima students and faculty - as are Google Apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard.

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