This section provides screenshots to help you locate your grades that are available in your D2L Brightspace class.  

Once you click on “Grades” you can see the list of assignments, discussions, and quizzes.  

TIP: your class may not use all of these graded items. 

If you'd like to watch a  tutorial instead, click on this short video to learn more about grades.

Frequent Answers & Questions

Where do I go to see my final grades?

Your final grades will be posted on your transcript or in the "Final Grades" section located in MyPima, within the Academic Tab. Instructors may or may not post the final grades in D2L.

Where do I go to view feedback for quizzes, assignments, and discussions?

First, verify with your instructor that feedback is available for viewing.

If your instructor informs you that feedback is available for the activity, you can view the feedback from each area. For example, to view assignment feedback, go to Assignments, Class Progress, or Content.

Note: Depending on how Brightspace Learning Environment is configured in your organization, you may also go to the Grades tool to see completed rubric feedback for assignments, discussions, and quizzes. 

Why can't I see my grade?

If you can’t see your grade, the grade has not been published yet. Contact your instructor for more information about when the grade will be available for viewing. If the instructor has already stated that the grade should be available, let them know that your grade is still not visible.

Why does my grade for an assignment say "Dropped"?

If your grade says "Dropped", the instructor:

In either case, contact your instructor for more information.

Note: We recommend to contact your instructor for any additional questions about a grade.