Course Homepage 

What is the Course Homepage?  Where Can I View Announcements?


Each course you enroll in will have a "Course Home" landing page titled by its CRN and course name.  Most course homepages will include the following essential resources:

Watch each video below to learn more...

The Navbar

Overviews common elements on your course homepage like the "Navbar," announcements and calendar items.   

Enable Notifications

Control how you receive notifications about class activity.

Click on your name, in the top right corner, once you are in D2L and select "Notifications".

Customize Your Account Settings

Click your personal menu and adjust your account settings to: 1) change the email address you use to receive notifications; 2) adjust the system font size; and, 3) modify dialog settings for pop-ups.

Adjust Your Profile

Click on your name, in the top right corner, and select your profile to: 1) add a picture or avatar so that your peers and instructor can see you ; 2) include a nickname; or, 3) share other links or interests you'd like to share for social networking. 


Your class homepage has a box titled "Announcements". Check them at least twice a week to see what your instructor has added.  

The main login page for D2L, known as the global homepage, also has a box titled "Announcements". These are announcements shared by the college to inform you of upcoming events, resources, and important information.

Integrating Your D2L Calendar with your PCC Gmail Calendar

If you like to use a digital calendar to manage your time, the D2L/Gmail Calendar integration is a great option. Watch this video to learn how. Please also ensure your course does not have any other activities or events that may not be listed on the D2L calendar. You can reach out to your instructor for more information.