What is the Content tab and what are Modules?


What is the Content tab and what are Modules?

The Content Tab is the front door into your online class. Click on the Content tab within your D2L Brightspace course to view all visible modules.

Modules are folders within the Content tab which generally contain most, if not all, course learning activities. Course modules are often arranged chronologically by week or unit - but sometimes are also organized thematically.

  • On your first day of class, make sure to click on Content as it may include important information you are expected to review before you begin any activities or assignments. Many classes include this information in the first modules (e.g. a "Start Here" or "Syllabus" module).

  • Generally, most classes use the Content area to access all course activities so you can complete required activities and monitor your completion progress on topics contained within each course module. The Content tab is used to organize a course's links to course materials and activities, such as the syllabus, textbooks, lecture notes, readings, discussions, quizzes, etc.

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