Notifications & The Pulse App

If you an App user, then the Brightspace Pulse App is for you! 

This app is designed to help you organize and maximize productivity for people on-the-go. You can check your grades, review content and the class calendar, and receive updated notifications and announcements. It's available in both Google and Apple app stores. 

Control how you receive notifications about class activity. If you change these settings, it will be updated for all classes.

Click on your name once you are in D2L and select "Notifications".

The Pulse App notifications can be changed for personalized use. See our Android Phone Settings and iPhone Settings pages to learn how to change your notifications for the app.

Troubleshooting the Pulse App

Logging In

If you cannot connect to Pima Community College when logging in, the problem could be:

If you are still unable to log in, contact the D2L 24/7 Help Desk. They can troubleshoot specific issues you may experience with logging in to the app.

Why can't I find PCC when I search?

If Pima Community College does not display in the list when you search, you can add it manually by typing the URL ( This field is available when there are zero search results or if you choose to disable your mobile device's geolocation service. 


Where are my dates?

The Pulse app displays dates for assignments and activities that your instructor added to the course.. If your instructor has not added dates, they would not appear in the app. Check your course syllabus for due dates that might not appear in the app. If you want to use the Pulse app as your main reference tool for schoolwork, you can add any dates (and personal dates) to the calendar by tapping the Add activity icon:  (iOS) or  (Android). 

Where did my dates go?

If your dates disappeared or aren’t displaying, check your internet connection and refresh the page. Depending on the time of day, it may take a few attempts before the dates load. 

Can I add my own calendar items? 

Yes, you can add your own calendar items for any course in the Pulse app. Adding a personal date provides you with a link to that course’s homepage in a web browser.

Note: Any dates you add are local to your device, and are not synchronized to D2L. They can only be accessed from your own phone within the app. 

I added my own calendar items, but I can't see them on my new device.

Currently, personal dates do not work across multiple devices. If you are using the Pulse app on a phone and tablet or upgraded to a new phone, your personal dates are not visible on both devices. You can add them, if interested. 

How can I mark Work To Do activities as complete?

Work To Do completion is synchronized with the activity in D2L. So, for an activity to be marked as complete in the Pulse app, it must be completed where appropriate in D2L. You can complete an activity by tapping the Work To Do item, then tap the link in the activity details view. Once the activity is completed, and the data is updated (you can refresh for faster updates), the checkmark should darken to indicate that it’s complete. If you add a Work To Do item manually, you can mark it as complete by tapping the Mark As Complete button in the Work To Do’s detail view. If you are on the week view, the calendar graph adjusts to the completed work, becoming flattened as you mark activities as complete. 

Why don't percentage values appear for any of my activities? 

While the Pulse app can retrieve data from your courses in D2L, it cannot determine percentage values for individual activities. Percentage values must be manually added in the Pulse app. 

What does the graph indicate? 

In the Upcoming tab, the graph shows how much work there is for that particular day. A flat line means there is nothing due. You can achieve a flat line by completing activities. 

You can toggle where the graph appears by tapping the Menu icon and then Graph Settings. From there, you can choose which tabs you want the graph to appear on. When the graph is turned off, your date items appear in a list. 


I don't have any notifications. 

If you are receiving notifications in D2L (from a browser), but not in the Notifications tab in the Pulse app, there could be an issue with how we configured the app. Please reach out to us at

Can I delete old notifications? 

Currently, you cannot delete old notifications in the Notifications tab. 


Why can't I see the courses that I am enrolled in? 

It's possible that the courses you're enrolled in haven't started. You can check the start date in D2L or in MyPima. 

Where are my grades? 

In the Pulse app, you receive notifications for grades in the Notifications tab, which you can open and review at your leisure. To see a centralized view of your grades, tap the Grades tab, open the course homepage, and navigate to the grades section of your course. 

How do I submit an assignment or take a quiz? 

You can submit an assignment or take a quiz from the Upcoming tab or Courses tab. From the Upcoming tab, if the assignment or quiz has a due date associated with it, open the details of that activity, and then tap the button at the bottom of the page to launch that activity in your mobile browser. From the Courses tab, you can open the course homepage by selecting a course and completing the associated activity in the browser. 


Why can't I see my course content? 

If you can’t see your course content, it is likely due to the course not being open. If you feel this is in error, please reach out to the D2L 24/7 Help Desk. 

I open a file but it's blank. 

It is possible that the content you are trying to access is in a file type that is incompatible with your device.

Course content updates only appear in the Notifications tab if the instructor checks the "notify students that the content has changed" option for the updated content in D2L. Contact your instructor for more information or go to the Courses tab to open your course in a browser. 

I don't see any updates in the Notifications tab.

When you initially log in to the Pulse app, no course content updates appear until new updates come from D2L; however, introductory updates appear. The Pulse app provides you with updates when announcements are created in your courses and when you receive new grades from your instructors.