Computer Hardware & Software Issues

General Suggestions for Technical Problems

If you encounter any technical issues that will impact your ability to meet a class deadline:

  • Contact your instructor immediately to provide an update.

  • Read the D.I.Y. suggestions below.

  • If you still have trouble, contact our Help Desk.

Speaker or Audio Problems

    • Double-check the volume setting

    • Close all other programs

    • Check for updates

    • Close and restart your device

Webcam or Microphone Issues

    • Check for updates

    • Close all other programs

    • Close and restart your device

Loss of Internet Connection or Service

    • Disconnect and reconnect to your network

    • Close and restart your computer/device

    • Restart your router or modem

    • Contact your service provider

    • If you are unable to resolve the connection issue, locate another location where you can have access while you continue working to resolve the connection issue. Common areas available are local libraries, coffee shops, and other public areas with WiFi available.

Software Program not Responding

    • Check for software updates

    • Close extra open programs

    • Exit and restart or close and restart your device

    • Scan for viruses or malware

    • Reach out to your instructor if you are still having difficulties

Website not Responding

    • Verify that you have an active connection

    • Close your browser, reopen, and try again

    • Avoid having multiple webpages open simultaneously

    • Attempt to access the website utilizing a different browser

    • If available, try a different device

    • Reach out to your instructor if you are still having difficulties

To learn more about any software or hardware you might need, visit our Online Course FAQ and make sure to also review your Course Syllabus and Course Announcements or emails to your Pima Gmail.