Orientation to Online Learning (OOL100)

All students taking an online class are strongly encouraged to take our free, non-credit orientation to online learning.  Once you register for a PCC class, you will gain access to the orientation in D2L. This course goes over the basics of D2L Brightspace and online learning here at Pima.

How to Access the Orientation to Online Learning

You can find it in the "All" section of My Courses or search for OOL100 in the class search function. Click on the Waffle, located in the upper right corner on your screen then type in "OOL100" in the search box to find the course.  You can pin it (click on the picture of the push pin) so it's always visible from the drop down menu. Even after you complete the course, it will be available to review so you can access the content or videos again.

COMPLETION CERTIFICATE - If you complete all of the activities (discussion, surveys, Video Note, and quiz) you will earn a certificate of completion award.  This certificate will be accessible a few minutes after you complete the activities by going to the Awards section in the Course Resources tab.  You can choose to download the certificate so that you can upload it as an assignment in a future class.

Can I get help in the class?

Our PimaOnline Navigators support students in this class. You may receive a welcome email or they will respond to your discussion post. If you are struggling with navigating the class or with navigating D2L, please connect with one of them. They also provide other services that you can review on their webpage.