How to Get "Tech-Ready"

General Requirements

  • Windows: a computer with a Windows 7 or newer operating system

  • Mac: any Mac computer with iOS 6, 7 or 8

  • Access to the Internet and a current web browser (see below)

  • Access to Word processing software that has spell and grammar check, (e.g. Microsoft Word or your PCC Google Docs account)

  • Anti-virus software (e.g. Norton, McAfee or Microsoft Essentials)

Browser Requirements

  • Ensure that your browser has JavaScript and Cookies enabled and, for desktop systems, that you have Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or greater installed.

Desktop Browsers

  • Firefox – latest release

  • Chrome – latest release

Tablet or Mobile Support

  • Android 4, Android Browser – latest edition

  • Apple iOS 6, 7 or 8, Safari Browser – latest edition

  • Microsoft Surface Windows 8, Internet Explorer 11

  • Blackberry (mobile only) BlackBerry 7, 10 Blackberry Browser – latest edition

Places to Access the Internet

If you do not have Internet access at home,

  • the open-access computer labs on all of PCC's campuses and centers have computers with Internet access

  • many local libraries also have computers with similar access

  • ask your friends and neighbors if you may borrow a computer for the semester

  • create an internet hot-spot using your smartphone to connect your laptop

How do I Learn to Use New Technology and/or Software?

The first steps in learning how to use new technology and/or software that may be required in your online and virtual classes is to identify what it does for you in the class and where to go for help. Add extra time to your schedule to review the tutorials. Listed below are a few that are often used in our online classes.

Document Access & Creation Software

Virtual meeting or appointment options

Video Creation Software

FREE Online Tutoring Resources:

  • NetTutor - located inside your D2L class

An app you can download that will notify you of announcements posted in your D2L class or when grades have been entered.

  • Plagiarism detection software

Accessibility Software