How to Complete a Video Assignment

Student Instructions


This page includes our quick walk-through on how to complete a video assignment.   Please note that each update of Bongo's "Video Assignment" tool may include new options or interfaces.  For a more detailed, up-to-date tutorial with advanced features, see Bongo's Zendesk tutorials which address topics like:

A. Select Content

Inside your course, select Content in the navbar.


B. Click on Your Video Assignment

This will appear within the corresponding content module as an "External Learning Tool."

Image of Course Content with this note: “Video Assignments will show in the content of your course. Your instructor may put them in a module, or in a section titled Video Assignments, like this one.”

C. Review the Video Assignment Window

There are several sections in the video assignment window: 

Video Assignment Window

D. Peer Review (if required)

If your instructor asks you to review your classmates videos (aka Peer Review) they will show below your Ready to Submit videos in the Peer Review box. Here you can watch and comment on your classmates submissions. Peer reviews may be set up in two different ways: You may be automatically assigned a video to review or you may be allowed to select your own classmate’s video to review. In either case, you should select and watch the videos in the Peer Review box.

Peer Review Window

E. Creating a New Video

To create a video submission, follow the steps below

Plus Sign Button

2. Choose to record a new video, or select one you have already created, and saved to your computer. To start a new video, select Record Video and Webcam.  If your instructor asks you to record your screen in order to share your work (e.g. a presentation), make sure to select "Desktop" as well.

3. Your computer may ask permission to use your microphone and camera - be sure to say yes.

Add Video Window

4. The recorder may ask you to make a sound "to check your mic." 

Note: this is not recording your video. Make a sound and the Record button will pop onto the screen.

"Please Make a Sound" window

5. Click Record and complete your assignment.

"Record Video" window

6. When finished, click Stop.

"Video In Progress" window.  Press stop to finish recording.

7. Choose to save your video for processing. (You may also choose to download your video to your computer, or delete it.)

Footer with Sample Options for Saving

8. Your finished video will show in the "Work in Progress" section.

Videos can take some time to process (even up to an hour, be patient). Your video will show an hourglass icon while it's processing.

Don't wait to the last minute to start your video.  You cannot mark a video ready to submit until it has finished processing.

Work in Progress window

9. You can choose to edit your video or combine videos by clicking the "More" icon (three little dots to the right of your video).

the "More" icon which appears as a vertical ellipsis

10. Very Important: Once your video has processed you need to mark it as ready to submit. 

You cannot submit your assignment until you complete this step. 

Press the More icon (three dots on the right) to open a menu of options and select "Mark as Ready."

Mark as Ready

F. Upload a Previously Recorded Video

If you choose to create your video in another program, or on another device like your phone, you can upload it to the Video Assignments tool. To do so, follow steps 1 and 2 below:

Upload Video window

G. Submit Your Video

When your video has been marked as ready to submit (see instructions above) it will show in the Ready to Submit box. Select your video and press Submit Assignment.

Ready to Submit box