PimaOnline Navigators

PimaOnline Navigators are current online students that are available to assist students with navigating PCC's online environment and being successful in their online classes. Please review the services below to see how they support students.

Contact us at pcc-onlinenavigators@pima.edu or call us at 520.206.3200

Navigators can assist students individually or you can attend one of their sessions. 

They work evenings and weekends.

Meet our PimaOnline Navigators

Ariel Young

Students with last names A-M

Michael Padilla Jr

Students with last names N-Z

Virtual "Live" D2L Navigation Sessions

Join a navigator at one of their upcoming live sessions to learn about D2L basics. D2L Brightspace is PCC’s learning management system and is used in all classes. 

We highly recommend attending a session within the first day or two of when your class(es) begin. *You do not have access to your class in D2L until the official start date.  

Virtual "Live" PCC Tutoring Navigation Sessions

Join a navigator at one of their upcoming live sessions to learn about how to navigate our tutoring resources that are offered online, virtual, and in-person.

The general overview will go into more detail about NetTutor, PCC virtual tutoring and PCC in-person tutoring options. The navigator will show you how to navigate the different platforms.

"Study with Pima" YouTube Live Stream Sessions

Why Should I Join a session?

Join a live stream while you are working on your coursework or studying for tests/exams. Treat it like a study buddy! 

“Study with Pima” live stream sessions offer a way for PCC students to not feel so alone when studying from home. The sessions are between 1 1/2 to 2 hours and use the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique follows a schedule of studying for 25 minutes and a break for 5 minutes. This can be a healthy way of learning the content without overloading yourself.

How to Join a Session

Three Options:

Example of a Recorded "Study with Pima" Session

OOL100 Outreach and Support

PimaOnline Navigators reach out to students that are currently completing the OOL100 or have just completed it. They can also assist students with accessing their completion certificate. You may see them respond to your discussion post in the course!