How can I contact my instructor or classmates?

Within your D2L Brightspace class, there is a way to access and email other students, as well as the instructor. To find this resource, go to the Course Resources tab and click on Classlist. Scroll down until you see the student list. You can choose who you want to email by selecting the box next to their name and clicking on the Email Icon. The green dot indicates the person is currently in D2L.

Example email list of Instructor and classmates

Another way you can communicate with your classmates is during discussions. Discussions can be a type of assessment that is graded but some instructors use it as a way to begin conversations to engage the class and get a sense of your thoughts, opinions and feelings.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of written communication. Here are few to think about:


  • Written communication can strengthen and clarify a verbal message

  • Written communication can be more precise than other forms of communication

  • Written communication can be a permanent record


  • Written communication can take longer to formulate

  • Written communication can be taken out of context

  • If there are not enough details, written communication can cause confusion or can take more time to explain what you are wanting to say (does it come across the way you want it to?)

TIP: Reread your written communication out loud before sending it in email or posting it in a discussion.