What should I know about the "Awards" tool in D2L Brightspace?

Some Pima faculty utilize the D2L Awards tool to issue digital badges to recognize growth, effort, or achievement. Likewise, some faculty award "certificates" which are similar to badges but also include PDFS that can be printed. Please note that these awards are generally not connected with the D2L Grades tool.

How can I find out if I've received an award?

When you log into D2L Brightspace, any new awards will automatically pop up alerting you to the award.

How can I find out if my instructor uses the Awards tool?

Read your course syllabus to learn more about whether your instructor utilizes any awards that may be available in your specific course. If the syllabus indicates that awards are used, it may direct you to view possible awards by clicking in "Course Resources" from the navbar and selecting "Awards." Please note that not many courses or instructors do not utilize this tool - and of those that do, many do not make the possible awards visible.