Course Resources

What is in the Course Resources tab at Pima?


What is in the Course Resources tab at Pima?

Here are the most commonly used sections available from the Course Resources tab:

  1. Classlist. The most essential section is the "Classlist" which enables you to quickly view and contact your classmates via email.

  2. Virtual Classrooms. Many courses utilize the Bongo "Virtual Classrooms" platform to support live class meetings within D2L Brightspace. Please note that some instructors prefer using Google Meet or Zoom instead.

  3. PCC Library. This is a direct link to our library homepage for quick searches and live chats with PCC librarians.

  4. Groups. Many instructors assign groups using D2L's Groups tool.

Scroll down to learn more about the other tools available within Course Resources.

Picture of the Course Resources Tab

Use the classlist to view who is enrolled in your class and to send email messages without having to find someone's email address.

Virtual Classroom is a tool used to connect to live or recorded sessions with your classmates and instructor. If your instructor uses this tool, they will provide directions in how to access the meeting links.

Class Progress

Class Progress provides a one stop shop for all of the progress you have or have not made in the class. This helpful area shows progress as %'s!

Your instructor may use Groups to assign you to a group of other classmates. This is helpful when class activities involve working in teams.

Your may be asked by your instructor to complete surveys in D2L Brightspace (or using other tools like Google Forms). In D2L Brightspace, surveys resemble quizzes but are ungraded.

If your instructor offers awards, badges or certificates in their class, you can access them in this area. You are also able to see all other awards, badges or certificates you have earned in D2L.