Syllabus & Schedule of Work

How can I find my instructor's Course Syllabus and/or Schedule of Work?

Most instructors include their syllabus materials within the first module of the course.  This first module may be simply called "Start Here" or "Week 1."  Some instructors also include a separate "schedule of work," student resources, and a "syllabus quiz" within such modules. 

Once logged into D2L, you can find classes from the “My Courses” section or from the waffle icon near the top of the page.  The first place a student should click inside the class is the Content Tab where they should be able to find the course modules and related syllabus content.  

Also check the D2L Announcements tool and Pima Gmail as some faculty will post or email these syllabi to their students through these tools. 

What if the D2L Calendar or Course Schedule is different from my instructor's Course Syllabus or Schedule of Work?

Contact the instructor about the discrepancy.  The instructor may be able to either correct this within D2L Brightspace or by including corrections to the syllabus and then issue an update to students via Announcements with clarification. 

How do I access the Course Schedule or Calendar to view dates or events that my instructor may have chosen to display?

To learn how, visit our Calendar & Course Schedule page.