Course Schedule & Calendar

Course Schedule

Within the "Content" area of the course, Pima's D2L Brightspace layout includes a "Course Schedule" option. If your instructor includes visible dates for their activities, read this section to learn more about how to quickly view these dates.

If the instructor designs learning activities within D2L (assignments, quizzes and discussions) or third-party tools that are linked from course content (Bongo "Video Assignments", PlayPosit bulbs, etc.), they may also choose to edit each item to display visible dates that can appear in your course schedule/calendar. Some instructors may also use their calendar to include separate course events (like Bongo "Virtual Classroom" meetings or "Google Meet" virtual office hours).

Review Upcoming Calendar Dates through your Course Schedule

To view the D2L Brightspace calendar, click on the "Content" tab and select "Course Schedule." This opens the "Upcoming" tab by default and includes any dates or events that the instructor may have chosen to make visible. Click the "Full Schedule" tab for a more comprehensive view of such dates and events - which may include checkmarks next to items that have been visited. If few or no dates are visible here, it is likely that the instructor is not adding due dates in D2L.

Learn How Date Restrictions Work in D2L Brightspace

After viewing the video below, make sure to take a moment to view our Understanding Due Dates & End Dates page.

Learn How To Manage Your Calendar

FAQs on the "Course Schedule" and "Calendar" tools within D2L Brightspace

Do all instructors have dates for their activities within D2L?

No. While many instructors choose to manually add dates, some do not. It is not uncommon for instructors to simply include due dates in their syllabus and/or "schedule of work" and expect students to be attentive to these dates. Make sure to review the course syllabus which may also include guidance as to whether or not a student can expect the "Course Schedule" in D2L Brightspace to include a full listing of course deadlines.

Warning: Again, not all instructors use the Calendar to display course deadlines! Please do not rely solely on the Calendar or Course Schedule for deadline notifications. Check the deadlines and dates listed in your course's materials, and review all posted announcements or emails from the instructor to keep aware of all of the deadlines.

Is D2L's "Course Schedule" different from D2L's "Calendar"? Do these differ from my syllabus materials or a "Schedule of Work" page within the course content?

While these kinds of resources or tools show any events or dates that the instructor has chosen to make visible (i.e. "Display in Calendar"), each have different features.

  • The Syllabus may be included within the first module of the course or might be directly emailed to you depending on the modality of the course (fully online vs. virtual). Often, syllabus materials will include a "Schedule of Work" which overviews all course deadlines.

  • D2L's "Course Schedule" is available to all students through the "Content" pages and provides "Upcoming" and "Full Schedule" tabs for review. If this tool is utilized by the instructor, it can give a quick reference for what is due throughout the semester.

  • D2L's "Calendar", though it provides more layout options, may not be immediately visible within the course. If faculty include a D2L "Calendar" widget on the course's home page, upcoming dates will be visible. Click on the Calendar's drop-down arrow and select "Go to Calendar."

  • If the course's design enables you to visit the more extensive Calendar, a student can view any visible dates and events by day, week and month - as well as through a list or agenda view. Likewise, from this page, a student may choose to print the calendar, adjust the settings (to enable iCal calendar feeds), , subscribe to the calendar and/or tasks (by pasting the URL provided into any external calendar tool), or utilize "Task" within this page.

  • NOTE: Please also pay close attention to the course syllabus materials, all course announcements and instructor emails for any dates adjusted by the instructor.

Should there be a Calendar widget visible on my homepage?

Not necessarily. The instructor may or may not chose to add a Calendar widget to the course's homepage. If added, the class events will automatically display in the Calendar for every course a student is enrolled in. A student can adjust how this displays within the Calendar settings.