What is in the Assessments tab at Pima?


The PCC "Assessment" Tab

Learning Activities within Assessments Tab

Discussions is a collaboration area to post, read and reply to threads that have a specific topic. Each student creates their own thread to respond to the topic and then can reply and read other threads. Your instructors will use this tool for a graded collaborative activity or to offer a platform to ask questions or add comments about the class.

Assignments enables you to submit assignments for your class(es) through D2L. Simply upload your assignment to the appropriate folder. Make sure you review the directions for each activity before you submit.

The Quizzes tool is used to deliver online assessments such as tests and quizzes. As with the quizzes in a regular classroom environment, the quizzes in D2L give you the opportunity to gauge your understanding of course content and receive feedback from your instructor.

Resources within Assessments Tab

Use the Grades tools to review instructor feedback on course learning activities and your current grade.

Rubrics are used to assess your achievement on course activities (assignments and discussions), based on predefined achievement levels and assessment criteria.  Rubrics are often used in graded activities to help you understand what is expected when completing them.